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Multiple File Input

I want multiple file input of IMAGES with the following:

  1. Display in a repeating group with a couple of fields which are input at the same time as the image. This is no problem with single data drop, but in multidrop only ONE of the images is added to the repeating group.

  2. To limit the number of images permissible to input. I have tried various conditions on the multi group input element, but nothing is working for me.


It depends on the underlying data structure. if you represent the data as a list of things and have each thing have an image field, you could have a single picture uploader in the each cell that would work.

Why don’t you create the situation in the forum app so that we can help on a real situation?

Here’s my real situation, tagging pictures from the Zoo:

If I add a single photo, it all works OK, so clearly there is something wrong with my “syntax” for multidrop files.

I’ve been playing about with this some more, but still no luck working out how to add multiple images to a repeating group.