Multiple option sets for multidropdown "types of choices"

I’ve create multiple option sets I use across my app. I want to allow a “tagging” use case that would show users a multidropdown to add tags from across several of these option sets.

Based on the way the multidropdown is set up, it seems like I can only select a single option set for the “types of choices” rather than merging multiple together.

I’ve tried selecting one of the option sets for “types of choices” then for “choices sources” doing “All option set A merged with All Option set B”

But that’s giving me an error that says “Multidropdown X: Choice source should be Option set A but right now it is a empty” [sic]

Any workarounds to this limitation? I don’t want to combine all my option sets and filter based on an attribute because of existing complexity for how I use my option sets. And I don’t want to duplicate option set options in a new giant option set just for tagging because the whole point is to use them as matchable 1:1 tags for workflows (not just frontend display text).

You can merge two (or more) option sets by creating multi-dropdown with a text type and the combination of display values of the multiple option sets. When these are selected, you can try to get the real option set value of the options. Even if I wouldn’t do this, see the example below.

Here are two option sets:

And here is a multi-dropdown with text type and the combination of the display values of the two option sets above.

And here is how it is displayed in the preview:

But again, the actual problem begins after when you try to process the selected values in this case.

What I would do instead is use two multi-drop down values to let people tag stuff, like below:
Show two in a page:
Let people select any combination separately.

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