Set multidropdown choices with condition

I’m having to setup a complicated combination of search options while keeping the UX/UI understandable.

Basically I need the UI to be something the user can use manually, AND be something I can automatically set to certain conditions to save the user time.

The multidropdown has “static choices” which are just a list of text. The multidropdown will also accept anything the user types into it. The multidropdown will also allow me to set its value with “default value” even if the value of default value doesn’t appear in the “static choices” list. It works, but it leaves the multidropdown blank.

So either the multidropdown should show the “default value” value as a tag, as if the user had typed it in, or it should let me change the “static choices” list via condition so I can add the new value, or just replace the list with the one value.

Otherwise it technically seems to work but it makes the UX confusing. For example, if there’s a slow connection that makes the search take more than 2 seconds the user won’t know that the correct value actually is in the multidropdown and it’s searching, because the multidropdown looks blank.

Since it’s just a matter of passing some text around, there should be a way to do it, probably by adding “static choices” to the list of things that can be set by a condition.

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