Multiple page native app?

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Yet again I am in need of assistance. I know when creating a native app, it is best practice to use a single page, and use groups and elements. However, with the large app, I am creating, I need multiple pages for the best design and use. Is there a plugin that could help flow better to other pages or anything? Or will I need to develop a way to do everything on a single page?

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Thanks for the post! And, good question!

There are a few ways we’ve seen users tackle this depending on what your specific needs are. If you mainly like the pages being separate for editing purposes, you might consider building them each as a reusable element and then still placing all the reusables on one page.

Or, if you actually need separate pages for your desktop version, some users will build a separate mobile-only page that has only the things necessary for mobile. You can actually specify a page as the mobile version of another page and then Bubble can help with the routing for you.

Finally, you could look at the app wrappers which might have some functionality to help with multipage apps being redirected correctly. I believe I’ve heard that feature is available in some of them. Unfortunately this isn’t an officially supported functionality, so you’d want to communicate with those developers regarding how to set it up, how dependable it is etc.

And of course, don’t hesitate to reach out with any additional questions to [email protected]


Why do you need different pages. Do they need to be different sizes?

this was a good recommendation

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for your time and solution. I didn’t think about reusables. That should work for me when it comes to designing. However, I did come across a small issue that I did not mention before. Since it is all on the same page, when leaving the app and going back in, it loads the sign-in screen first. Even when the user is logged in. Is there a way to bypass that element for signed-in users? Either through a condition or logic?


@AnthonyLakey Glad to hear that might work for you!

Yes, that’s definitely possible and @jared.gibb beat me to the bunch with how you might approach it. The workflow set up will vary a little bit depending on how you’re navigating between sections on the single page (custom states / hide & show workflows / URL parameters etc) The general idea though is that you’d have some logic set up to skip the login screen and go somewhere else if the current user is logged in.


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