How can I have different pages for the app?

I want to have a log-in, home screen, profile, and a separate page for a business-like account. How can I do that?

are you talking about web page app or a native app?

Native app.

First of all when you create a new app from bubble, on the index page double click and under appearance tab select native app design. (this is only if you dont know how to do it yet).

In native app there is only one page which is index. So you have to work with different groups instead. so say, create a group and drag inputs in there, such as name, email, password, and create a button. and now you build a workflow with the button. Then you have to create a data section. New data named as User for all different user. This is the very basic first step which is all in the tutorial of bubble. you should go through it first.
It tells you how to log in a user and do certain things.
Hope this helps

I asked about this before. You can have multiple pages but it will load like a website I believe. At least that’s what I remember. Having 1 page is a lot better though.

I have all those sign/log in/sign up buttons done before I even made this thread, I just need a page in which you sign up on. After that, showing the main page after you log in, or making a profile on what type of profile it would be. All I really need and I’m good to go.

For that first you need to have a data called user. in that data add fields , such as the ones that you would want on the sign up page.
email, first name, last name, username. etc.
then create a group (sign up group) and put all those inputs and buttons on that group.
After you are done then go to worflow, create this new event, when the page is loaded and current user not logged in,set state to display the sign up group.

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