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Single page native app on same database as multi-page web app


Is it possible to have a native mobile app that is built on a single page in Bubble that is connected to a multi-page web-app without having to build two separate apps and use the Bubble App connector? The sticking point is that my native app converted with GoNative will only load the index page. However, when someone logs in from a website, I want them to see the main web app. In other words, I want to be the page for the native mobile app and XYZsite/home would be the landing page for the web app. Is there any way that I can redirect the page based on whether someone has logged in from a mobile device? Or is there a cleaner way to do this I don’t know about?

Thank you!


It is possible for every page to define what is the mobile version (it is a field at the page element level)

So in your case could be the page for the web app and point to something like as the mobile version. And if someone connect from a mobile, it will load the mobile version without even noticing.


Hi Sylvain -

Thanks for the comment. I realized I forgot to mention that I want the intended landing page to also be the landing page for the primary domain on mobile and to be mobile responsive, not native. I’d also like to be able to build a native app that pulls from the same database, without having to create a new app and connect the two with the App Connector.

To clarify, if I followed your approach above, I’d always be directed to the page indicated as the mobile version when logged in from mobile. However, there are two mobile scenarios for me: 1) mobile - responsive (responsive site of index page) and 2) mobile - native (separate page); and the hybrid-app builder I’m trying (GoNative) doesn’t seem to pull from any page other than the index. I have no preference on which is the index page, but if I just tagged the page that I wanted to be native as mobile, then I wouldn’t have the ability to go to the other page from a mobile phone, only desktop. Make sense?

Given that – any other solutions on how to make this work? Seems like a ton of incremental dev time for me, if there is an easier solution? @emmanuel

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Check out @natedogg’s answer above. Not sure but it seems relevant to your questions…