Multiple Selection with regular Button

Hi ! I am trying to allow users to select one or more choices using regular buttons and when selected, I would like the button to stay as selected (change the background color)

I already tried what they proposed on this topic. Can I Use Buttons like Radio Buttons?
And its working well, the only point is that it won’t allow multiple selection.

I tried putting it as a list but then the color won’t change or stay selected,

What should I change / add to obtain the effect I want ?

Thank You !

I’m not quite understanding, but this should be possible. Can you share access to the editor or at least a few screenshots of what it looks like so far? Specifically, how do the buttons currently interact with the database?

Hi philnauta,
thanks a lot for taking the time to see my post.

so I want the user to be able to select multiple buttons on this page:

And once one or more of those grey buttons are clicked, I want the button to change color and stay with the new color to show that is has been selected.

this is the date base I created:

and then I add this in the apparence setting of the repeating group where appear my database:

And this in the element inspector:

the workflow is working like that:

and finally I added this conditional on the button to change the background when its clicked

so on the preview: appears my database, all OK, when buttons are clicked they changed to purple, all OK
BUT now I want the user to be able to select multiple buttons.
With what I set up, if you choose A and then B, A changes back to grey and B become purple, but I want A to also stay “selected” and purple even if I click on B after, you can check the preview:

I guess I should work with a “list” but im not figuring it out exactly how.

I hope I was clear this time.

Thanks a lot for your time!

This should help :slight_smile:

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a 1000 times :wink:

got it

amazing community.
very grateful !

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