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Multiple toggled items to show in a table

Hi all,
I’m building my first bubble app. The database has a list of cars with fields of : Color, Brand, Price, Old or New etc.

How do I let the user select Red cars only, or Red Ford cars only? Essentially I’d like to bind buttons that allow the user to toggle their selection based on the content of each field, irrespective of the combination of their choices.

I hope this makes sense. Thank you

you can show the options using “dropdown” elements to filter… Then, in the search you may search with these restrictions (don’t forget to enable the “ignore empty fields” option)

Is there a way where the user can toggle buttons? [Red] [Green] [Blue] [Ford] [Ferrari] etc etc?
I’m having trouble setting up the custom state for each button.
The app is for healthcare professionals and the list items arent cars/ colours but medical terms. I thought using a car example is just easier. Cheers.