Multiple user web app testing

Hi everyone,

We need some advice/help with testing our web app with multiple people in order to identify technical issues before launching some larger tests with some organisations we are talking to.
Do any of you know the best way to do this or are you able to offer this type of testing service?
The main function of the app uses the phone and browser locations services (gps, geolocation) in order to connect two people together.
We have found that the browser based location settings run into trouble sometimes and fail to connect people correctly (despite location services being switched on).
We understand that web apps do have some limitations against native apps for this kind of thing, but wanted to understand just how our current app really performs in it’s current state, prior to doing any further development.

A question for us would be, what percentage of user cases connect correctly and what percentage fail?
We also need to accurately record the test user details, like:

Phone (Android or iPhone)
Browser used (Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc)

Real users are best, however happy to discuss if some for of test automation tool could be used for this?

Look forward to your thoughts…

I would suggest something like Amazon Mechanical Turk. That could help with what you are looking for. Get some real people doing some testing. Shouldn’t be too expensive this way.

Hey Thank you for this suggestion! I had never heard of this before. What an amazing service.

The Future arrives…

Hey @y.not :slight_smile:

I saw your post in regards to issues with location services. What do you use the bubble geolocation range to match users?

Also, in regards to better Geolocation data, you could use native features. We just launched a mobile toolkit to build Native apps on top of Bubble including accurate geolocation data.

Would love your feedback and to see if it could help improve some of the location experience, and mobile experience overall using our mobile components for Bubble.

Check our forum post here for more information:

Hope it could be of value :slight_smile:
Just let us know if you have any questions.

Hi @gurun,

Thank you for this link. It certainly sounds good!
Basically, our current web app struggles to always correctly connect users via their gps/geolocation services. It is using an API, but also relies on users to have their phone location services AND Browser location services switched ON. Otherwise the pairing often does not work correctly.
Obviously with a Native app this would not be such a problem (I think?)

So what would be god to explore is how cost efective it would be to get one of your team, or a developer who knows how to use your new platform well to convert our web app into a progressive/native app which would no longer have this geolocation issue…

Of course if it would be $1000’s of dollars, then it would not be viable for us, as we are trying to do this very cheaply at the moment, as it is only an MVP.
If however it could be done well for less than this, then it could be a viable option.

Can you advise how to get an estimate/quote on this please.



Alright, makes sense to me!
Actually it seems this can be done using just our toolkit and one of our plugins.

If you sign up, we can offer you up to an hour for free to help guide you with converting your current app in a simple way as well as how to use our plugin for connecting to Geolocation services.

If it seems that there are more advanced needs or you just need some more handholding along the way, we would be happy to quote you on that, but for now I think its a high probability just our plugin subscription will be enough :wink:

Drop us a message once you have signed up, and we can have a live chat in our dashboard.

Looking forward to see what youre building!