Multiple youtube videos in repeating group


How do I add youtube links in my database?
I have several videos that I would like to embed in different places in my repeating group.
So instead of just plotting the link into the video element, or upload the video with a paid plugin, I would like to add the different URLs in my database.
Would that make sense?
Or is there another free way to embed the videos?

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Hey, seems pretty straightforward, just load the links from your database to your video element dynamically. Where exactly are you stuck?

I don’t know how to place the links in my database? What kind of data type should I choose for them?

Are these videos linked to any other Datatype? Could you help me understand the nature of these youtube videos?

I am not sure if this answers your question - but I am building a christmas advent calendar. Behind each day there is either an image or a video. I figured out how to do a repeating group so that each day gets the image from the corresponding data. But I can’t seem to figure out how to add the videos.
I have the video file on my desktop, but when I try to add it in the calendar, it says I should use youtube or vimeo.
Then I added the videos to my YT channel, but now I can’t figure out how to add the different YT links to the database that feeds the calendar?
Does it make sense?
If not I will try and take some screenshots later tonight when I am able to work with it again.

Got it, Create a field called “video_id” [type:“text”] and save the video id of your youtube video here. The video ID will be located in the URL of the video page, right after the v= URL parameter. The video_id of the video is aqz-KE-bpKQ . Inside Repeating Group, in the video element, pass current cells’ video_id in the Video ID input.

Alternatively, you can also do it by embedding the youtube video using HTML element but the above method will work for you.

Thank you so much, it worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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