How to get unique video and content from database in repeating group popup

Hi everyone, struggling to figure out how to show a unique video popup for each cell in my repeating group and was hoping someone here would have some advice.

I’m suspecting I have to include the video URL to the videos in the database as a field but what’s the right field type and what do I put in the video id to show the unique video for each? Would appreciate any help on this!

For YouTube videos you just need to include the video id (the bit after the v parameter in the URL) i.e.

Just save it as a text field in your database.

@adamhholmes thanks for the response, sorry wasn’t being clear. Each cell needs to load their own specific video so I’m assuming the video URL needs to be in the database. So my question is how do I get the video ID from the database to populate in the video id of the player.

Only the ID (manual)

text field

The RG is displaying a list of Content, correct? If yes, in the video ID field, you should be able to get something like this cell's Video.

Each ‘Content’ entry in the DB should have its Video ID stored in a text field (i.e. ‘Video ID’)

Make sure the popup (or group) containing the video player has a content type of Content and set the Video Source of the player to be the parent group's Content's Video ID.

Then when the Thumbnail image (or button, or text element, or whatever) in the RG is clicked, run a workflow with 2 actions:

  1. Show the popup containing the video player

  2. ‘Display Data’ in the popup, the data being: current cell's Content

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@adamhholmes thank you. That did the trick!

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