Multiplication in a bubble

I have a very simple question. I myself can not decide (

We make a marketing calculator for internal use.
Necessary: ​​a person enters 2 numbers, for example, and they multiply.

Enters 5, enters 4 = displays the result 20.

How to make multiplication? I don’t understand how to do this at all. Read the forum, watched guides - found nothing.

Sorry for the English, I used Google as a translator from Russian.

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See live demo here


When I click on more, no mathematical signs appear((((

Make sure your input is set to a ‘Content Format’ that is a numbered based value e.g.

Once set, you will then be able to perform math operations in an expression.


i sooo love u)))
Thank u!

Only I do not understand, can you explain?
What is different from each other: integer, decimal, percentage and currency?
I translated through a translator, approximately understood, but suddenly they affect something in a bubble.
Can you tell?

Your welcome.

I suggest reading through the Bubble reference, has some useful information, but generally:

– Integer: A number without decimals.
– Decimal: A number with decimals.
– Percentage: A number represented as 12.35% equaling 0.1235.
– Currency: A number with a currency symbol as a prefix.

If you are building a calculator I recommend using Decimal. If you are saving the value in the database, make sure you have a field set as ‘number’. You can store the number as a decimal e.g. 51.23 but the nice thing with Bubble is you can always change the way the number is formatted/displayed.

e.g. image
You can change the displayed type: image
and other settings e.g.image

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