Simple Math Expression using Variable Number & Input Number

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to have a simple math expression between User-defined Input Number ( Decimal ) multiplied by Variable Number ( Integer).

Note: I am fetching this Variable Number ( Integer) from the database when the user selects options from the Dependent Dropdown menu.

I have tried using Expression editor as well as math.js(local). After I do this, multiplication is not seen in the Preview Page in either Expression editor and also tried math.js(local)

So My questions:

  1. In math.js (Local) & Expression editor, is it that the Integer must be multiplied by Integer Number & Decimal by Decimal Number. ?

  2. Is it that I need to save/store the Integer Number obtained using in Database dynamic Dropdown menu in the “New Data” by using workflow and then recall that Integer number in the Expression Editor or math.js(local)?

Below image is of math.js(local) attempt :

Below image is of expression editor attempt

I also used to Inspect Element to check the result is showing ‘Zero.’

Why that simple Multiplication expression is not working?

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thank You.

First, you should be able to use the native Bubble function to do this…you don’t need Math.js or anything else for this simple math equation.

Second, your content format for your result input is set to “integer” instead of “decimal”. (because multiplying an integer x a decimal, produces a decimal result) This is likely why it is not displaying.

Third, your result is displayed as “placeholder” instead of “initial content” (with this input is disabled checked).

Hi @robert,

Yes, It’s Working Now. I am using Native Bubble Function only. I have also found out that, I was using wrong Cells’ value in multiplication expression.

As it was a Drop Down menu Field, I realized I must select the cell which is triggering that Value.

Thanks for Your Help.!! Thank You.

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