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Hey guys, really struggling over something that i know must be really simple. Have searched around but still can’t find what I need. Would appreciate any help. (disclaimer: still very newbie! in my first week)

I have a very simple contact box. The “Tags” field is set to a list:

I’m trying to build a workflow attached to the save button to ‘create a new thing’ just like in the tutorial. The only difference is i’ve added the multiselect tags. As you can see, the first three input boxes turn blue & seem fine, but whatever I try in the tags input part is always RED:

I just don’t know what else to try.

Remove “contains list” and you should be good.

no unfortunately that is red too. I feel like I tried all the obvious choices first… but everything I tried turns red. Pretty sure it’s simple but I am missing it…

Are you sure the TagsListInput items are the same data type as the ContactTags(List) thing?

If its still red, look at the error message in the top right on your screen and tell us what it says the issue is.

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Hey :slight_smile: Ok the error it’s giving is “Create a new ContactList…: value should be List of texts but right now it is a List of MainTagsLists”

I have a table in database called “MainTagsList” that contains all my tags. This table contains one field called TagName which is TEXT. (as well as the automatically created fields such as creator and slug etc)

I have another table in database called “ContactList” which contains fields for first-name, surname, email, company and tags. All of those are TEXT other than the tags field which is LIST OF TEXTS.

I’ll attached a few images incase that helps. I am sure I am doing something silly.

Thank you for trying to help so far

You should have use a list of the type of the multiselect option instead of a list of texts. Now you can do value’s tagname and this will create a list of text. But I highly recommend that you create a new field and select the correct type (MainTagsList) instead

Thank you I I wasn’t entirely sure what you meant exactly, but I got it working! so thanks, you obviously gave me enough clues to solve!

one question… when I look at the data in the table, it shows the tags as their uniqueID number, rather than anything English/readable. Is that what we would expect?

Thanks again

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You have a related field and the “primary” field is set to unique ID by default. You can change this

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