Multiselect Plugin issues (multilist)


I am using the multiselect plugin to allow user to pick a couple of items from a set list - (imagine a menu). This lets you book this in for a certain time, displayed on the full calendar plugin as an event.

I have made it so when you click the event, a popup is dipplayed and it shows all the event details and you can update and save. I have everything working except for the items picked with the multiselect.

If I bring the data into a text box using dynamic data it works fine - so I know the data is pulling through in principle. But if I tried and load a multi select box with the default data I have a problem. It works if you only selected one item, but if you selected several then nothing appears.

I am pretty certain its the way I am searching for the ‘contains keywords’ with the fact they are csv in the list?

Any ideas?