MVP only or more?

We have our MVP up and running in Bubble. So the question we have for the community is; is Bubble really only a tool for generating Minimal Viable Products, MVP’s?

There are many things we like about Bubble, but we are also running into challenges taking our Bubble App to the next level. Thanks in advance, for thoughts on this topic.


We did the opposite. We changed our old system (in PHP laravel built using Bootstrap) to Bubble. Thousands of lines in MySQL, 18 databases, around 1k registered clients… Our “go live” was yesterday… couldn’t be happier…


Thanks, that’s impressive! We have similar data stats so far. Did you require custom plugins and workflows to/from 3rd party API’s?

Hi @jim5!

Yes. We are using around 20 plugins. But almost all of them are for simple things like date picker, color picker, QR Code, pagination and etc…

The integration with 3rd party apps are being done thru Webhooks and API. We had zero problem with this.

Here in Brazil we have a payment system using QR code, so we need to receive payment, consult the status and etc…


After more time implementing into Bubble it is at best an MVP. The inability to track or see changes makes it very difficult to sustain long term. This is one of many findings, it might be good for getting an MVP out, but recognize that its just not very robust for full scale implementation.

I am curious what kind of tracking are you referring to? the code? like a audit trail? git etc?

What are you trying to achieve? There’s not much you can’t achieve in Bubble :slight_smile:

I have a full scale SaaS built entirely on Bubble.