My apps aren't showing up

I have 11 apps, but they’re not there. Not sure how to get to my editors.

Same issue for me right now as well. I am reaching out to Bubble.

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as for me on 2 accounts…

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Same for me as well. If it helps, clicking “Build” at the top left will bring up your latest 5 or so apps, so you can hopefully keep working during this hiccup of service.


think bubble apps are all down right now…I’m guessing. Nothing is loading on my apps

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Data not loading either

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also not showing data

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my live apps are completely broken.

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The same for me and I’ve another issues, my rg are not displaying :frowning:

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This is big…

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me too

Back up and running :slight_smile:

Did someone pre-maturely push the new bubble updates to the wrong branch :joy:

all back here :pray:

It is fixed… Let’s go

Great ! :100:

It looks like all of my repeating groups were down as well. We had multiple tickets come in from our users.

anyone notice a trend in outages recently? Seems like they’re more frequent…it’s so hard to tell though.

Founders responded here, which makes me a lot more confident. Just wondering what everyone’s overall thought is lately.