All bubble apps gone

So bubble just started running unbelievably slow for me. I click back to my apps and now they’re all gone and wont load no matter what I do.

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Submit a bug report:

cc: @eve

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Same here

I’ve got this issue as well

Same for me as well

Uh oh… seems like a wide issue for bubble users right now!

+1… looks like this is an issue reporting issues with main cluster

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Same here. Just got a status update that there’s a known issue they’re investigating.

They just came back for me.

edit… Still not loading into the app though.

I would definitely sign up for these notifications so you will know right away if it is an issue that they are working on. It’s very helpful to know when this sort of thing is going on. :blush:

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That was the first place I checked but it didn’t have anything up yet.

Yeah, it takes a few minutes. I started having issues, then a few minutes later I got the email.

Interesting… maybe the outage caused this?

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Just got another outage.

Now its working again. hmm… something jank going on with the servers atm.


Yup seems like it, my uptime detector is going crazy lol


yup… dropping in and out constantly right now.

Same here… problems with the editor

Same - timeouts in my editor and live/preview pages not loading data

Common @Bubble, dropping out, cloudfront loss, themes down, unworkable.


Hello folks,

Sorry about this! We’re experiencing some downtime today; our team is on this, and should have you all back up and running soon. If you’re seeing issues, please do ping us at