My building area / canvas is too "tall" for my browser, no matter which browser, browser zoom, or display resolution I choose

Hi everyone, as you can see in the photo about 100-150px of my build area are too “tall” and are not visible.

I have tried this on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

I have tried zooming the browser but no zoom level brings that area into view.

I have tried multiple resolutions for my display. (I’m running Windows 10, though since it is web this should be browser-agnostic.)

Looks normal to me. Not sure I’m seeing the issue!

I guess I assumed based on how it looked (there’s no buffer of space, I can’t see the top blue outline of the work area) that there is usable area up there which I can’t “reach”.

If it’s working as intended, that’s great and it’s just a visual design that bumped me, and still does, haha.

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