Zoom out of Design builder?

Hello, is there a way to zoom out when I’m building my index page?
I’m currently having to scroll to the left and right to see my whole page, and it makes everything harder…

Is there a way to zoom out?


I’m not sure Bubble support zoom out in the way you think.

Still, you can try to use CMD and - (CRTL and - on Windows) to zoom out the page.

Hmm okay @vnihoul77 ! I’m currently on the latest MacBook Pro and i’m trying to follow a Bubble course tutorial with two windows, maybe i need to be full screen for it to work better? :thinking:

Yes i think so!

Yes I’d suggest when working in the Bubble editor to use a maximized window or full screen, otherwise can be tricky to view elements panel and properties.

There is a zoom feature where you can zoom in and out of the canvas design. You can do this by going to: Grid & borders > Zoom %

Note: I believe this is saved on a per session basis in the editor and not saved/remembered for next session.



Only works on chromium browser sadly. My bubbling is done on Edge because of this (instead of Firefox)

THANK YOU! :heart_eyes:

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