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Weird Issues Going On? - Database not updating issue

Anyone else having some odd issues over the last 20 minutes or so. Backend workflows don’t seem to be creating things that we are trying to create. It’s hard to catch what is going on because it should be working. We have done a lot of testing. Anyone else?

Now the items just showed up after restarting chrome… Weird stuff going on.

Seems maybe database is not refreshing. We have to refresh the whole page to get updated data in the database view.

I’m having some weird issues…

  • When making changes to the app, Bubble saves changes for a while, then just stops. If I try refreshing the editor in the browser window, the spinner spins without any completion of the reload. I have to close and reopen firefox.
  • Over the weekend I was trying to rename a page, and it just created a copy of the page, but again didn’t seem to save it down.
  • When I created a new condition, it deleted another condition (this issue has already been discussed by others on the forum).

I received Bubble status notifications regarding intermittent database latency issues, but that was a couple hours ago, and it lasted for about 40 minutes.

I’m not currently doing anything where I’d notice ongoing issues, but according to the notifications, the DB issues were resolved.


So, what I found is the issue is that the ‘refresh data’ button below the database isn’t actually working properly. We have to do a page refresh each time to get it to show data. It’s really irritating. Driving me crazy. haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is anyone still having issues?

A page that is normally pretty snappy is crawling / freezing during load, and then eventually rendering. Impossible to detect what the source of the issue is.

Having weird issues today with triggering custom workflows, weird behavior out of no where

Here’s another weird one… I have some text fields that contain hyperlinks with URL parameters that populate the unique ID of a thing. In instances where I have 2 such hyperlinks in the text, in the 2nd link the dynamic data expression “Parent’ group’s thing’s unique ID” was replaced by non-dynamic text “Parent’ group’s thing’s unique ID” – thus breaking the link’s functionality. I just noticed it and think it happened sometime in the past week.

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