Text color isn't the same between editor and visualizer (dev version)


The color of some text isn’t the same between the Bubble editor and when it is displayed online.

Is it a bug or is there any way to fix this ?



Thanks a lot !

Are you using a dynamic expression for your color value? Probably, most likely, which would explain the difference.

I do use Styles for the color, but why would it explain the difference ?

Capture d’écran 2023-03-20 à 12.11.36

This style likely is using a gradient and potentially it is not capable of being rendered in the editor.

I know for sure using a dynamic expression for a color doesn’t allow the color in the editor to be visible, because it is dynamic so the editor would never know what data value would actually ever get loaded, much the same way a dynamic text value may appear in the editor as ‘parent groups Users Name’ but on page that value is shown as ‘Jane Doe’.

I don’t know what your style is, but I do know you can trick the system for the style to use a dynamic color, but normally if attempting to create a style from the style editor, it is normally not possible to use a dynamic expression in a style. I’ve been asking for that ability since 2020, and not sure if it was recently added in or not.

Does your style use a dynamic expression for the color?

If not, you may want to send a bug report to bubble about the issue.

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