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My editor has become impossibly slow! [complex project, using Mac M1]. Anyone else?

Turn off the Bubble debugger. The editor slows down if you have too many flagged warnings/errors.

Same experience here, using Bubble with the Canvas template on a large page is very slow. Had out_of_memory errors multiple times on such pages. Granted I’m working on a lower-end PC with just 8GB RAM, I still think there’s a lot of scope for optimization using webassembly or something like that behind the scenes, like Figma.

For now, slicing large pages into multiple smaller reusables works well.

I’m in the same boat…Bubble + Canvas with lots of elements on one page. Frustratingly slow.

Hi @robert,

I am also using Canvas and it’s slow. How many GB of RAM does it take when you run it?

about 6

You may have a memory leak then.

I don’t know if you’re on Mac or Windows but either way, you can find a solution online to correct it.

There seems to be no mention of the possibility that the Bubble server may be the root cause of these slowdowns.

Do any of you run realtime monitoring of your machine? What is happening with RAM, CPU, network traffic, disk, etc. while you are waiting for the Bubble app to update?

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+1 to that.
Not only did it make it easier on my mind to work in Bubble, but also on my browser. Highly, highly recommend.

I use it so much I put together a little guide: App Shell tutorial. 1: Intro and key concepts - YouTube


The editor is certainly more capable while working on individual reusables. However, it would be grand if the root cause of the performance issues were addressed. For new users hopping into our beloved Bubble, working with reusables isn’t intuitive.

Bubble is undoubtedly a resource hog. This is what needs to be addressed.

My sense is that they (Bubble) can’t really fix this. It has been an issue for years and performance hasn’t really been improved much.

I liken Bubble to a Swiss Army knife. Because it does so many things, it has to be bulky by nature. There is no way around it. There was a suggestion years ago to allow Bubblers to turn off features that they don’t need (such as loading so many fonts, and such). Or even a stripped down version of Bubble (Lean-Bubble) for people with larger apps…ie check the box to run Lean-Bubble. Nothing came of it.

A couple of years ago, there was a guy who got some traction with his financial app built with Bubble, but he ran into scaling limitations, and eventually left Bubble and rebuilt his app using a traditional stack. His advice was to do what he did. Prototype in Bubble, then if you get traction, raise money and rebuild it with traditional code.

To have raised $100M from investors, presumably, they must have convinced them that they can solve the performance/scaling issue at some point. Perhaps they can, but they haven’t let on how they intend to do this or provided a timeline. If they can, I suspect it might entail an entire rebuild…Bubble 2.0 or something…hence the need for $100M.


Agreed. Been on here for 4 1/2 years and there really hasn’t been any major performance improvements except for perhaps Cloudflare (but even that has seen marginal performance increase). Repeating groups are still slow to load more than 25 items, editor still chokes under many elements, page loads still in 4-6 seconds for even small pages… As Nigel had indicated as well, when you get to “big data” with thousands of rows and database calls, there’s a definite limit on what Bubble can do.

Performance is the only reason I’ve used Bubble for prototyping only and not expanded into making full blown web applications (which, for me would seem to be the holy grail of money making on Bubble vs. the casual Bubble hobbyist)


Very interesting, thanks for sharing this. A Bubble rebuild sounds like a very expensive, but perhaps necessary idea… lest some lean startup builds “bubble 2.0” themselves and eats Bubble’s lunch.

Guess we’ll be stuck with editing our apps on a per-reusable-element basis. This might hurt Bubble’s urgent growth requirements (Investors get hungry for returns after a $100M investment).

Not sure what of these issues will be resolved, but I am interested in seeing what impact the Bubble team’s recent focus on performance (as mentioned in Josh’s recent post) will have especially in relation to singe-page apps, RGs, and invisible elements.

Check the post out for more detail on the three ways they’re attacking the performance issue.

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You’re right! Performance is clearly the central pain point for everyone. I have my fingers crossed that this materializes into meanigful performance gains!

I’ve been building on Bubble for over a year now and I would say half of that time is sitting here waiting for bubble to “save” every time I make a change.
I wonder why Bubble doesn’t just release a desktop app and we just upload to the server when required.

@hello.plannwin why do you wait for it to save so long? Personally I don’t worry about it and on the occasions I get the saving error and refresh it only loses maybe 60 seconds of work because bubble saves near instantly constantly.

it autosaves every time I make a change. are you suggesting we can actually turn this off?

No - just don’t pay attention to it and carry on working. You don’t need to wait for it to save to do more changes.

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@equibodyapp oh no I am not waiting, it’s just the editor freezes while it’s trying to save. My app is a large app hence it’s very slow when editing. My point is I spend most of my time waiting for the editor to update and let me continue working.


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