Umm is my platform getting too complex for Bubble? Bubble Editor Crashing Consistantly

Umm is my platform getting too complex for Bubble? I only have 15 or so pages with no more than 1000 workflows across the platform.

Bubble editor keeps crashing (all tabs) randomly during work, not a big deal as it still saves but curious if this happens for anyone else?


SO awesome

Dang, it keeps happening. This is frustrating when it happens when typing a long expression or such…

Any suggestions to improve this?


Are you one of those people who never fully closes and restarts their browser (and/or machine)? If so, do that.


You may need to upgrade your laptop/computer…you need to make sure you have enough processing power and ram.

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1000 workflows seems like a very high number. Regardless of whether this is causing the browser to crash, I’d look at ways to simplify and streamline your app.

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Dealing with a similar issue. Mine isn’t outright crashing (I use Opera vs. Chrome, which does a bit better), but it is getting unbearably slow, where every single action (click, typing, switching pages, etc.) takes 5-10 seconds. Restarting the browser helps for maybe 15 minutes, then it’s slow again. I’ve got an M1 Macbook Pro with plenty of RAM, so I don’t know what the issue is.

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Right there with you Sam, I’ll keep you posted if I find a fix!

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Hi @jackbrandt788 ,

have you tried cleaning your app ? Bubble stores quite a lot of historical stuff and that over-time can cause some slowdowns.

On my biggest app I have currently 50+ pages and 28 reusable elements workflows I don’t event count but it’s not that by just having them “in total” makes the editor slow down. Even on this app everything works nice & smooth.

I use Google Chrome but I’m working on a standard PC with 64 GB’s of RAM. What’s your current config?


Thanks for the input, @Guru. I think the problem is having too many elements/workflows/conditions on the same Bubble page. The bulk of our paid features are all on one page right now, and we’ve got at least 200 workflows and hundreds of conditions across all elements. There are probably at least 1,000 elements on the page (I’ve never counted, but I highly doubt it’s less than a thousand).

The frontend app speed is just fine. No issues with there. The editor, however, is getting to be unbearably slow. I’m on quite a powerful machine (M1 Macbook Pro), so it’s not a device issue. There’s something about the way the Bubble editor works that makes it really slow to respond at a certain point, and I’m thinking it’s likely related to how many elements, workflows, and conditions exist on a page.

The editor seems to be fine speed-wise when working on this heavy page if I reload the browser, but usually within 30 minutes, it becomes really slow again, and I have to reload the browser again to work efficiently.

Other pages I edit are simpler and editing goes MUCH faster. I’m not sure if there’s a “fix” for this other than splitting up the app into multiple pages, which would save us this headache with the editor but would create a lower quality UX for our users. Because of this, I’ve just been dealing with it.

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1000 elements? WTH?

You can convert some of your elements into reusable elements to give the editor some breathing room.

I just discovered you can add “&issues_off=true” to the URL in the Editor, and it disables the Issue Checker. This instantly made my Editor blazingly fast on our largest page with 1,000+elements and 250+ workflows.

Obviously this isn’t something you’d want to run all the time, but it’s handy to know it’s there for when you just need to make a bunch of little aesthetic changes and don’t want it to take 20-30s for each element you change.


had similar issues with safari. in chrome it works well.

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