My images won't load in app

Hi, everyone.

I am trying to build an app but I am not able to upload any picture. They simply do not load in neither picture uploader or image elements.

PS: when I click on ‘see’ button at static’s square right side, I can see the image.

Anyone could help?


I am also experiencing this issue currently. Any image uploaded to the app itself, do not load, any 3rd party images work as intended.

I noticed the issue begin about 15 minutes ago when previewing a page. The image loaded properly when I had my browser window maximized, and once I resized it, it was unable to load the image, and gave an “issue” in the debugger, and upon remaxing the browser, it displayed again.

However, now when I upload any image, it does not display.

The support team had the idea to try these steps in another device. I am getting the error when I use my organization’s device.

When I try to work with my personal computer, it works properly.