My OAuth API (Gumroad) did not return an ID for this user

Hi, I can not authorize through Gumroad api Gumroad

Get error “The service apiconnector2-cmMXV did not return an ID for this user. The user cannot be logged in”
This is my settings

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I want to acheive the same. BUt can you explain me how to figure out access token endpoint, user profile endpoint?

This information is recorded in the API documentation. (endpoint).

For my part, I think my problem comes from the “User ID Key Path”, but, I tried “id”, “user_id” etc… And nothing works.

No idea sorry! I don’t know their doc!
A good way to build this kind of oAuth in the API connector would be to check some free plugins that use similar oAuth and use the “See code” button to compare what they did.
Like mine: Bubble Plugin Editor - Spotify Complete

Did you try implementing the call on Postman first? Not sure Postman support web oAuth though

Hi @vnihoul77

That’s exactly what I did ! :wink:
And I noticed that some people don’t use the OAuth2 User-Agent Flow but the API call for “Authorize” and the API call for “Token”.
Ex :

So that’s what I did.
I put a “connect Gumroad” button that redirects to the authorization url. Then I get the token with the link above.
It works, but once I’m authenticated, it stays in memory, and even the other users see my data rather than theirs… Do you know where the data is stored in this case? (gumroad id, gumroad email, access-token…). Because I would like this data to be clear for the other user.

And yes I tried with Postman first and it helped me a lot :wink:

I’m running into this issue as well. Same error code, but I’m connecting to a Google API. Potentially an error in the Bubble API Connector? Can connect just fine with Postman.

Did you ever find a fix for this Mick?

With Gumroad?

Hi! Did you ever get a fix for this with the Google API? I’m running into the same issue.