Integrating Slack Through Oauth2

Hey everyone, I’m having trouble integrating Slack through Oauth2. I was wondering if anyone can walk me through the process. I think better understanding this process would help most Bubble users.


  • App ID
  • App Secret
  • Scope


Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Here is Slack documentation:


What’s the error you’re seeing ?

I get this error when I have all of the fields filled. I don’t change the ID and Email Key Paths.

1st, the Slack authorization page pops up allowing me to choose my intended Slack account.

2nd, the same popup then gives me the final option to “Authorize”

3rd, when I click the Authorize button, I’m taken back to my original page and then the error pops up.

for slack replace the access_token with token on plugins tab

I don’t understand what you mean by this sorry.

Specifically for slack, change access_token to token (highlighted)

Ah, I see. I had the “Authentication goes in the header (Bearer)” checked so I didn’t see the “Token name” field. It works thanks! Now how to did you get the profile endpoint?

Well its mentioned in the slack api docs :slight_smile:

Ok, couldn’t find it. Well thanks for the help!!!

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Can you explain what use case you did this for?
Like what did you achieve ?

Were you able to sign up users into a slack room?

I have registered users and I would like to sign them up to a slack room, so asking if you were able to do this and at a high level, how did you do it ?

I never ended up integrating Slack but @gaurav and his team created a plugin I believe. You can check it out the plugins page in your editor.


Can you please point me to your plugin?

@dbevan why didn’t you end up integrating? Too complicated or did you find a better solution or what ?

@mohamad.r.khan its at

@gaurav if I understand it correctly. Your plugin allows existing slack users login to bubble app using slack credentials ?

Is that correct ?

What I want to do is, get my bubble app users automatically joint my slack room? Or join it with very little fuss (I.e. Minimum clicks, not having to reenter email etc).

Hey @mohamad.r.khan did you ever figure this out? I’m trying to accomplish the same.