My plugin doesn't work properly when in a group

Hey there!

I am working on a plugin. You can play videos by scrolling with this plugin. Like here:

If I draw this plugin alone, it is perfectly working.

But if I add this plugin to a group I get this error in Bubble editor:

And If I open developer console on Google Chrome I get these:

But still, my plugin is working well. Until I change group or plugin properties about width. Like “make this element fixed with.” or “apply max-width when the page is stretched”. If I checked them I get the same errors but my plugin doesn’t work. By the way, if my plugin is not in a group I can change these properties. It does not make a problem.

I asked @vini_brito for help and he looked at my codes too. He really tried to help but we couldn’t solve this problem. Anybody can help me? Thank you for your time!

@Jici @sudsy
Sorry for taking your time. But I really need help. Can you look at it?

It’s hard to help without seeing code but according to console, you have an issue with currentTime setting that receive a null value. You may need to handle this error first. this may depend of data provided in plugin element setting.

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