My quiz data type won't add to the database

The function is meant to allow a user to add a quiz( list of questions & answers), however, when I add the questions & answers the quiz data type doesn’t save, only the questions below is the workflow

Have you tried using the debugger or logs? This will tell you what’s running/isn’t running and why.

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In step1 you prob mean to do a conditional if count = 1 and not is empty.

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share a screenshot of your app data

Thanks for the tip, I checked it out and it said this:

I will try this out now

It adds the questions and leaves out the quiz datatype

Unfortunately this didn’t work, thanks for the suggestion

Step 1 looks wonky. Id’ think you always need a quiz BEFORE adding a quiz Question.

The constraint didn’t work as well as I wanted to, what do you suggest I change with step 1 as it keeps failing?

require a quiz to be in scope before the button can be enabled to add a Question.

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I see, so add quiz then add questions to the preassigned quiz? Thanks for the feedback by the way, I appreciate it

quiz should be made before adding a question so you don’t need step 1 in the workflow. once Q is created , you add it to the relevant quiz

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Thanks will do

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