New entry not working in App data

Hello folks, im trying to add some test data to some tables/data types which I have created. When I go to New Entry anf add the item it says the ‘entry was successfully created’ and yet when I look in the Data Type there is no data in the field.

Im new at this and clearly doing something wrong. But cant work it out !

Can you share screenshots?

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I can see there is no data in the valueTest field. Can you share screenshots of what you’re doing to add data or perhaps a 30-second screencast?

Im basically going to the ‘new entry’ button, entering my data and saving

Your ValueTest field is connected to a different data type. You use this when you want to create a relationship between two records.

If you share a screen shot of the data fields for All listtest, you will be able to see which data type it’s connected to

What type of data are you trying to save in the ValueTest field? Text, Number, Date?

As far as I can see I setup valueTest as a field in listTest and I have then tried to add a record to listTest through the App data tab

Im adding text data only

The property of the valueTest field, will it have a text or date, number? In a database each field requires you to define what sort of data will be stored in it.

If you delete the valueTest field and create a new one, you can use the same name, but below the Field Name is a dropdown for Field Type(not sure if that was the caption) leave that to “text”

Try going back to the “App Data” and then clicking “change search field” when you create a new database. Once you’ve done that, select how you want to reference the data i.e. by “unique id”, then go back and type the unique id of the “ValueTest” (just for test purposes) because it could be that you are referencing/linking the data incorrectly.

ah brilliant that worked. I had set the field type to listTest and set that to text instead.

I am trying to create a reference table of values which I want to use as drop down options in a form so I had assumed that the field type needed to be the data type

Speaking strictly from a performance point of view, if the dropdown list values are not too long and not dynamic. You can define those values directly inside the dropdown element as “Static Choices”.

Ah okay that is brilliant. I will do that in that case. What happens if I need the same list of values for both a user profile e.g. faith and also a filter on a search screen so people can search on e.g faith

Is there a simple way to reference a group of static values ?