Adding to a list (plus item)

Hi, tldr; I’m trying to add to an instance to a list but somehow its not working.

More Context:
Im building a survey app where an admin can identify that a user can have X number of surveys available to them. (On the User record, theres a list of ‘Surveys’ called availableSurveys)

I can list out the Surveys that is on that User record, but for some reason when I try and add a new Survey to that list it won’t save, BUT I can see via the debugger that it evaluates properly.

Ex. I have a user bcanty+mickey@ who has 1 Survey saved to start “Britts Survey”

Then when I plus item of the new Survey, Brevo Test, I can see that it adds it to the end as Survey #2.

But for some reason when this step is done, its not saved.

The expression is Current cell’s User’s availableSurveys plus item This page Survey Item’s Survey.

I also looked at the User record privacy settings because that tripped me up before.

The end goal is to be able to save this new Survey to the User record to send to an email tool via Zapier.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying do do here… so maybe you could clarify…

You’re trying to add a survey to a list field on the User datatype, yes?

In which case you need to make changes to the User… and add the survey to the list of Available Surveys.

In your current workflow you’re making changes to a list of surveys (although you don’t actually appear to be making any changes)…

Correct. Trying to add a survey to an existing list and the 'Make change to list " + plus item doesn’t seem to be working.

Why are you making changes to a list of things? And what changes are you making to those things?

In any case, that’s not correct…

To add an item to a list, you need to change the thing that list field is on. In this case the User.

So you need to use ‘Make Changes to User’ then add the Survey to the Available Surveys field.

Ahhh. I got you. That makes sense! I’ll try that. Thank you so much!!

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