My repeating groups don't work anymore

Hello everyone !

I’m encountering an issue with my repeating groups. They’re not visible on the “preview”

I have deleted my privacy rules to understand if the problem came from there, I also checked the element tree and it should be visible. Data is also created.

Also, it appears a strange thing : when I copied and pasted the repeating group in another page to test, It had an impact on the existing repeating groups I did : they’re not visible anymore :

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Have you checked the debugger?

Hello Adam ! Thank you for your help. Yes, I checked it :

I just saw that the element isn’t visible

Does it have any data in it?

Yes it supposed to have some, this the repeating group with ‘type of content = profesional projection’ and ‘data source= search for profesional projection’ :

It is what you asked for ? :slight_smile:

Yes, I know it’s meant to have data…

But does it actually have any?

(almost certainly it doesn’t, and that’s the issue).

What does the data source show in the debugger?

Indeed, the data source shows that :
I don’t really understand how to solve it, does it means that the data created in my database aren’t connected to my inputs ? Or is a parameter to modify for my repeating group ?

Well, as suspected, the RG has no data…

So you just need to establish why that is.

Not logged in

Thanks a lot, I’ll dig into that.

Thanks for your help @tylerboodman, I’ve tried to log in and I still have the same issue.

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