Repeating Groupで何も表示されない

Repeating Groupで、データベースの中身をプレビュー表示しようとすると

The page is higher than your real design as the debugger is visible and displays a white area.
It will be back to normal when the debugger is off.



Hi there, @sapporo.alacarte.b… a few questions come to mind here. Does your repeating group have a data source? Is there data in the associated database, keeping in mind that the development database is separate from the live database? Do you have any elements in the repeating group to display the data?

Also, if you can share some screenshots, it would be much easier for someone to help.


Hi. Thank you for your reply quickly.
I think my repeating group have a data source, but nothing is displayed.
This is just demo app for study.
I will send you some screenshots to figure out the problem.

Your setup is incorrect. Click on the repeating group itself and set the data source here.

Then, notice what is being displayed in the text element within the repeating group (i.e., the current cell’s user’s whatever).

Finally, even when you set it up correctly, you aren’t going to see all of the users you are expecting to see because of this privacy rule, and you will need to address that issue.