Repeating Groups aren't working in my entire app & even any other apps i create. The data wont show at all

For some reason repeating groups were working lately but they don’t show no more. Am really scratching my head to work around this just can’t. Tried creating several other apps in my account but elements in the repeating group won’t display. Simple repeating group with text inside, it shows in the editor but in test mode then it doesn’t display.

in test mode, nothing shows

I really need help. Thanks

Hi there, @quinnblock200… first, the setup of a repeating group where you are trying to show the names of your users should look something like this.

Second, I’m guessing the reason you don’t have any data showing up is because of the default privacy rule on the User data type, so check out that link and see if that is the case.

Finally, if you haven’t done so already, you should consider taking a step back and watching some videos and/or working through Bubble’s tutorials because without a strong understanding of the basics (and getting data to show up in a repeating group is about as basic as it gets), you are going to struggle to get up what is a pretty steep learning curve.

Hope this helps.


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@mikeloc, Thanks so much for the quick response. Thanks for sure. I think for database things. yes it was about privacy setting but again for simple elements with having data source I still have the same display problem.

In the preview mode:

Does that repeating group have a data source? Repeating groups don’t work the way I think you think they work, hence my suggestion to consider taking a step back.

No the repeating group has no data source

That’s the problem. You don’t know how repeating groups work, and you definitely need to do some learning.

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Alright, Thanks so much let me do some research on how these work for sure, am kinda new here but not too new but yes. Thanks so much

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Repeating groups display data - if there’ no data then there’s nothing to display.

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