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Mysterious space

Please help me.
I can’t find the cause.

I can see it fine in development mode.
But when I look at Preview, there is a space.

When I look at the elements tree, there are no elements in between.
The elements are all in the “make this element fixed-width” state.

Please let me know other possible causes.

Development Mode



If it is not serving a purpose my suggestion would be to delete it. That should correct the spacing you see.
For more vertical management of groups in Bubble this resource is pretty useful


I this this group have some Condition for visible none.
Edit the selected group there will be “Collapse this element height when hidden” to be checked.

If this was unchecked then height will be not collapsed.

Try this and let me know

Thank you for your answer.

I deleted it once and recreated it, and now my senses are calibrated!

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Thank you for your answer.

The idea is that the upper element has shifted upwards, rather than spacing out.

But that setting was already done.
And also solved.

I really appreciate your thinking and commenting on my answer!

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