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Namecheap Domains

I have purchased a domain through Namecheap:

Additionally I have entered the A Records provided by Bubble:

I and updated from Bubble that it recognizes the A Records in Namecheap.

My issues is now that I have deployed my app, when I enter the domain in the web browser I’m getting the “too many redirects message”. I’m not sure within my add what I’m doing wrong.

Any guidance would be very helpful.

See this workflow. You’re basically saying “when the page is loaded, redirect to index” while you’re on index. That will indeed lead to too many redirects…

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I have a 2-way entry app (one side for groomers and another side for clients), when either of those users log in they should be redirected to their respective dashboard pages.

Will this also cause a too many redirects? See screenshot below:

The issue here is that you’re redirecting the user to the same page. if you don’t do that it’s fine.