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Too many Redirects Issue on Mobile while opening app created in bubble

Hi, I have completed my app creation. Everything is working fine and I have made it live too. Now the issue is that the App Works perfectly fine in Website and Mobile also but except one scenario in Mobile.

  1. I have a functionality where in i click on a Text and it should take me to a different page. It is throwing an error of “Too many redirects” in Mobile but working fine in Desktop.

Workflow is like this:

  1. Click on the Text in Page A, The Navigation will happen to Page B.

Can you please help me in resolving this the earliest.


Is this a mobile app? Or someone navigating to your webpage on a mobile browser?

It is not a mobile app. Its navigation on my webpage on a mobile browser

Ah, thanks. I’m not sure, can you post a link to the editor so we can check it out?