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Nativator stopped customer support... please help me someone who has used Nativator

Hi, thank you for opening my topic.
Has anyone made an iOS app with nativator? How did you obtain the build?

I’ve created an app with bubble and tried convert it into a native app with Nativator. I chose subscription for both iOS and android app. After I paid I soon got necessary information and documents for android app, actually I didn’t have any problem with android app. However, I still can’t get a build for iOS app. Nativator says build for iOS will be directly uploaded to my developer account(App store). Actually I made my developer account after I paid for Nativator and I’m thinking I was supposed to have my account before paying. Is there anyone who experienced the same situation?

The biggest problem is Nativator customer support NEVER reply me even though I’ve been sending many chats and emails. The last reply(for other question) was on Nov 24. I sent them chats about this problem on Nov25 and they never make any reaction. Has anyone got any messages from them for the past week?

I’m in hurry and desperately in need. Please somebody help me.

Have you resolved this problem? I seem to be having the same issue now.

I’m sorry you had to go through this, so did I, it was bad. I usually don’t say anything bad about companies but stay away from, it sucks they still even taking new customers.

I switched my wrapper provider to BDK and a million times better. Good working service, fast response times. Good luck.

Hey, thanks for your response. Yes they are a horrible company. They take your money and don’t provide what is promised. @oiplive please message me, I would like to talk to you about about your experience with BDK.
Nice job on your app btw👍🏻

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@ckegley4 sorry for my reply! Actually I’ve got refund from them. I don’t know why but they are available only at specific time.

Now I’m using BDK too! They are really awesome.


Awesome, I’m glad it worked out for you, I’m looking into BDK now!

Same Problem @Sam. never answer

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