Has anyone used I’ve subscribed for android and ios, primarily as they advertise they help with push notifications. They created the apps - one of them mis-named - and haven’t provided any documentation or assistance on push notifications. I’ve been in touch with the founder directly and created a ticket on the site and have had no assistance, I’ve been ignored for weeks now. Has anyone had a good experience, or can they shed some light on how to get in touch or configure push notifications?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi there, @sam20… for what it’s worth, the main thread in the forum about that tool appears to be dead. The founder hasn’t responded for a year, and I recently flagged the thread for moderator attention, and they hid the initial post (although, at this point, the entire thread should probably be unlisted, and I might actually do that).

So, given the current state of that thread, I wouldn’t hold out hope that you are going to get a response from them, and I would almost certainly consider using another tool.


Hi Mike,
Thanks for the input. Those were my thoughts too… Was hoping to try and resolve the situation as they have the best pricing for wrapping though I think I’m wasting my time.

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