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Native app - adding page groups or layers

To create a native application, the bubble itself suggests replacing pages by groups on the same page. So far so good. However, the application becomes absurdly large and difficult to organize, with all the elements arranged on the same page.

Thinking a little, I came to the conclusion that the bubble could provide a folder or layer, where the elements that would belong to a page, will be arranged in this group/layer.

This would make it easier to give a data display on the entire layer/group.

It would help to better organize the creation flow.

It would help make the app very fast when converted to PWA.

It would also be interesting to have an option of auto-conversion of pages in these groups/layers, or a way to import an entire page in the form of a group, in this page which is the NATIVO APP -PWA.

AppGiver is an alternative to Bubble, but I honestly believe that these little tweaks would already make the experience of actually developing mobile apps much more satisfying.

Emanuel, please give this suggestion a little attention.

Thank you very much.


Vertically stacking content groups adds a little bit of order :grinning:

These are a great set of best practices for building with Bubble


I don’t think I could explain it right.

I understand the groups and the importance they have when organizing the flow.

But understand the process of creation of most Brazilians, maybe in other countries it is different.

Here we develop web pages first, then adjust the responsiveness for mobile.

It would be really nice to have a way to pull data from these pages to a single page configured to be a native app.

And their arrangement could be layered, so that when one layer is selected, immediately, the others are hidden.

It’s a lot of work to configure this in worflow, show the group x, hide the group y, z, a, b, n…

Do you see how interesting it would be to create like this?

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For a brick building platform it is a great idea :grinning:

Bubble is considered by its founders as a visual programming language. This may be why most everything is so granular and unstructured. Other app builders provide you with structure. Bubble is a blank canvas where you build that yourself …. or not. Up to the programmmer.