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Making a mobile app, native app pages vs groups

why does bubble warn to not use pages if your app is intended for mobile/native? if i use a service like GoNative, or Phonegap, can i just have my app with pages or do i still need to have groups rather than pages?

Bubble’s native app features are still being created an fine tuned, so unfortunately it’s not the most intuitive way to build native apps. You will need one Page and use different groups stacked on top of eachother.

And actually on the Page level of the application, you have the option to select a checkbox saying that the app is to be a Native App. Then a Popup appears to describe some of the specifics to you (pics below)

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Hey @aphz88 I wouldn’t be putting any time and effort on trying to build a mobile app on Bubble.

Firstly, as advised by the founders, Bubble is not intended for developing mobile apps, their main focus is web apps and their current solution to building mobile apps appears to be simply a bi-product. Hence “beta” version for the past +1 year on any references to native app development.

Major issues like the one being referred to as a “generic iOS” (several threads on this topic) are way on the lower end of bubbles’ team priorities even though it fundamentally affects your ability to develop any form of native app with their current deployed solution or unless you hack away your own solution, but it then defeats the whole purpose of why use Bubble to build a native app in the first place.

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Hi Rogelio, how did you decide to go in the end. Used GoNative or anything like that?

Kind regards,


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hey @Timon

We decided on a transition away from Bubble. It’s simply not set up for mobile apps and we simply can’t afford to go through the same issue when you have active users of your app.

good luck!

PS: I strongly recommend checking out Dropsource it’s uniquely geared to visually building mobile apps , with some very cool features, like deploying directly to the App Stores from their platform. You can also push your app directly to your phone for testing. they’re coming out of beta next month with some excellent pricing.


I can imagine. Did you still connect this Dropsource platform with your ready product at Bubble (Database etc.) or are you completely transitioning away at the moment?

I am strongly considering wrapping the app through GoNative, would this still result in issues in your opinion or were your issues more specific? I´m really interested in the type of issues you were facing so I can take this into account before investing (for me) a lot of money in services as GoNative a.o.

Thanks a lot Rogelio!


what is the specific problem that you are referring to in your post about generic iOS and also about having active users on the app , with using bubble for making a mobile app?

i have built my app with using bubble’s recommendations for only using groups. there are no pages on my app.

once i checked the native app box and finished building my app, how would i even transfer it to becoming a mobile app? what would be the very next step?

i have heard about gonative, phonegap, and now i see that you have brought up Dropsource as an option. Would I be able to transfer my Bubble App to Dropsource?

But as the previous poster has asked you, can you talk about the specific issues you had with making a mobile app with Bubble?

@Timon I have no experience with GoNative so I can’t comment on that.

@aphz88 the issue has been covered on several threads in this forum. As I understand the issue is still yet to be resolved. The very own Bubble test app encounters the same issue so you can’t even test your native up using the Bubble test app.

hey Rogello, anything new on that?

Far out, lucky I read this before I was years rather than just months into my project.
I hadn’t read that anywhere.

The reason I’ve been learning bubble is because I was excited to finally be able to build my mobile app.

Since this thread, have any improvements been made on this front?

There still isn’t native support for mobile apps in Bubble, but there are better solutions , many of which use native features (like push notifications, Face/Touch ID etc.)

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Groups are better for the UX, it avoids multiple loading and matches native behavior.

This is what recommends as pages (or website like app) might be rejected by Apple store and even Play store lately.

One page app allows to append data you could use at any moment, while it might be complicated with many pages.

Hope this helps,

Hi everyone

I’m looking for bubble tutorial on making native marketplace app which can be downloaded on app store. Can anyone help me ?

Any follow up on this?

Hey Rogelio - enjoyed reading your thoughts on the matter - how has Dropsource been - any new workflow 3 years later?