Native app deployment with Web View Gold

Hey everyone,

I’m currently working with the Web View Gold wrapper to deploy several apps to both Apple and Android stores. You can find out more here:

I have to say the features are pretty impressive, possibly rivalling even the BDK. The tutorials are pretty good on how to integrate your app with the wrapper to take advantage of features like One Signal notifications.

The biggest advantage for me is that you own and manage the original code of the wrapper. This means getting your hands dirty with Xcode and Android Studio, as well as dabbling with the ‘Run Javascript’ workflow step from the indispensable ‘Toolbox’ plugin, which I think launches your app wrapper building capabilities to another level.

For one project I even contacted the Web View Gold team to ask for a custom feature which they developed for me for a pretty reasonable price. Their team (based in Germany) is very friendly and professional.

Anyway, I saw that there wasn’t much talk about Web View Gold on the forum. Does anyone else have any experience with using this wrapper they’d like to share?

I hope this can also be a space for technical questions and sharing advice on configuring and deploying this wrapper.


Hi, Richard!
Have you found there any tutorials related to Bubble? Cause what I am reading now from their standard package can’t be used for Bubble.
Thank you in advance!

I’m late to this but my experience with webviewgold has been very poor. Recently my app subscriptions have stopped cancelling when expired using their in app purchases (it was working fine a month or two ago), they also don’t send you any emails when asking for support (they tell you they will on their chat, then never do), and they blocked me from their “24/7 chat” when I left them a bad review. I would avoid them, but there doesn’t seem to be too many better alternatives, but am always open to suggestions!