Newbie looking for guidance!

Hi All.
am completely new to software / coding etc but am an engineer (telecommunications) so am a step in the right direction!

i have an idea for an app… and without asking for it to be built for me, im looking to see if its possible to build without coding knowledge (hence being here at bubble)

i want to make a site / app where i can track routes using GPS. tracking speed, distance etc (like the hundreds of cycling / walking apps out there) but also have a forum where routes can be shared and followed by others, and a group calendar to book slots to meet up and go out together.
obviously the latter is down the line but is it possible to do a basic tracking / logging app in bubble.?

many thanks


Your idea is possible! It will get tricky with the gps tracking because is made for web apps in mind and not for mobile. As far as I know, you will need more than just a webview app (a mobile app that displays a website / application like a browser) to do this (go native) on mobile devices.

There are native mobile app builders out there and you could connect them to bubbles database. But I don’t know about background tracking / behaviour (It’s needed for your idea, because people close the app while tracking).

I would take a serious look at BDK’s Native Apps service which just published a location tracking update.

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