Native app playbook? How does this not exist?

I’ve been searching the Forum for a the “one stop” resource for the fundamentals of building out a mobile app… should I be surprised that it doesn’t exist? Looking for the any and all of the best advice before I start fully building out.

I’m utilizing BDK for the native part. Main question comes around navigation and building. I know it has to be a Single page app, I’m assuming with re-usable elements. But what is the best way to do navigation if you can’t use “Go to page” with params in the URL?

Looking Anyone willing to help out or point me in the right direction?


Hey @zachary.dorsch :wave:

Hope we can point you in the right direction.

Why can’t you use go to page and URL parameters? I just want to make sure I fully understand the issue. :blush:

I know you can create a menu using option sets and url parameters and use reusable elements.

Hi @J805 :wave:

I actually wish I knew the “why”, but what I’ve been reading is that you can’t use URL params because you have to use the navigation action “go to page”, even if you aren’t reloading the URL… I’m assuming this has something to do with acceptance into the appstore?

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Hmm :thinking:

I’m not sure. :man_shrugging: No idea why you wouldn’t be able to. Maybe someone can chime in to let us know.

As far as i understood, the page-load thing is only for bubble mobile app.

When using BDK Native you’re able to use page params for navigation.

After a bit of research I can confirm this as well. You can use page params for navigation with BDK.

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You can certainly use URL parameters in a wrapped Bubble app HOWEVER it’s a lot slower experience (even more so than browser) using URL parameters than custom states which is the reason it is advised to not use URL parameters when planning to go native.

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So, How are you building your app then?

For me, I have a reusable element for every “page”.

In the Single Page my mobile app has, I add those reusables and display them accordingly to the custom state “navigation”.

The state “navigation” is set through “Page loaded”-Event, where i get url parameter ‘page’ and set ‘navigation’ to ‘page’.

This has the advantage of me being able to make navigation from a reusable to another reusable.
Otherwise i would ne be able to do that, because the state navigation lies in the page and its state cannot be changed from a reusable…

I use custom states a lot, but often I will have groups which hold each RE and these groups will have the show/hide conditions.

I do have some RE which trigger changes of stages on other RE - just got to get creative in how you structure things :wink:

So in detail, how can you change a parents state within a reusable element without using the way of changing url parameters and therefore the parent gets the “Page Load” trigger?

I too am curious @equibodyapp, any tips or insights?


You could show/hide groups and send data. It is quicker and native friendly.