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Navigation in native apps bubble

What is the right way to navigate between pages in native app?

Hey @maks.chernenkovvv check out Build a Mobile Fitness App with - Pt 1 Mobile Menu Tutorial - YouTube.

Using query string parameters is the ideal solution because the back button on Android will work as well.

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joemanier, thanks!
but when my page first time loads - there is no screen - how can i fix this or what should i do with this situation?

you can see on the screen - there is no query string parameters in the url, so nothing happening
when i add the parameter to open my home page - it’s opens - but there impossible to go on other pages((( i’m stack(

During testing - add the parameter manually in the URL.

When the app is live, you will put in a URL in the WebviewView wrapper that ports the app from the world of Bubble to the world of iOS/Android. In this URL you’ll put or whatever parameter structure you use.

You’ll also want to have the post-login redirect to that URL with a ?parametername=parametervalue at the end of the url, for example ?nav=home.

Hope that make sense. If not, hit me up on calendly this week I do some limited free help sessions if that’s of any interest to help you get past this Calendly - Joe Manier.

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