Native mobile app in sight?

Hi guys, I really want to start to build a mobile app but I’m not sure if I should wait until bubble launches the native mobile app builder - or just go ahead and try to build and wrap. I saw a video announcement in October last year, but I haven’t heard or read anything since that. Any rumors going around, or has anyone heard if this is something they are going forward with?

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I wouldn’t be too hopeful about Bubble’s native mobile building capability. They said it is coming this year but the first version will be very buggy anyway. I, personally, don’t want to wrap things either :slight_smile: So, it is like a conundrum.


Hey there, wrapping isn’t as tricky as it seems if you tackle each issue head-on. I’ve successfully wrapped my app, which you can find on Google Play (still in development). Take a look – everything functions smoothly, including notifications, uploads, and permissions.

CONFIDENTIAL TIP: Look into Fiverr for a skilled coder who can assist you in translating your website into a native app. Some may even handle the publishing process themselves if you provide access to your Apple developer account. As for the Play Store, publishing is a breeze and can be done independently.