Native email feature from Bubble limited in volume?

Hello Bubble community !

I am launching a saas in a few days that will imply the send of a few handreds of mails daily.

However, after making some last verifications, I am seeing some topics related to a ‘volume limit’ in the Bubble native email feature.

Has anyone some experience with this matter ? What is the exact limit ? If there is one, what are the solutions ?

I would highly appreciate any kind of help from you guys!


Bubble’s default mail setup basically uses Bubble’s own Sendgrid account which is provided to make it easy to get started immediately in the first days of your app. The best practice is to either set up your own Sendgrid account and plug that into your Bubble settings so it uses that to send. I’ve sent about 5,000+ emails in a day with this, so I don’t think it’s rate limited.

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