Can I use the default Bubble email address permanently?

The application I built is an internal application for my company and we are fine the with email address being [email protected]

Are we able to do this? Or will Bubble limit our email sending. The reason I ask is because today, we had an email not send out even though it appeared fine in the server logs.


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@chollern Send email action has a limit of 50 but can be raised with an email service like Sendgrid.


Is that 50 emails per day?

@chollern This is per action but depending on your capacity and the email service you use, it can vary.

There are many mail alternatives like Sendgrid as @neerja said.
Sendgrid free plan gives you up to 100 mail/day.

Another one is Sendinblue (which personally is the one I use). They have free plans up to 300 mail/day.

You can test our Sendinblue plugin here: ✉ Sendinblue SMTP A free alternative to Sendgrid mails by

You can create an account in Sendinblue, install the plugin and start sending mails in 10 minutes or less.


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