Native Email Limitations

I’m aware that the native Bubble “Send Email” utilises Send Grid to send out emails and that there is a limit of 50 emails per day (if you did not use an upgraded SendGrid account plan). If I happen to exceed this limit (i.e. I send 55 emails), will the overflowing remainder of emails (5 emails) be queued or will they not be sent out?

If you set up your own sendgrid account, and use your API key, your own sendgrid account dictates the limits. Not bubble


Theoretically they won’t get delivered. That being said, I have gone over by 5 or so emails on some days and they were delivered. I imagine they would’ve stopped at some point.

If you’re on the cusp but it doesn’t make sense to upgrade yet due to budget, I’d recommend MailerSend. You get 12,000 free emails per month before needing to upgrade and you can just choose to pay overages instead of upgrading an entire plan. You would need to create your own integration via API Connector but it was a fairly easy one.

My recommendation and there’s been a lot of discussion about this on the Bubble Forum, is Postmark. I moved away from the native Sendgrid send email function a long time ago-- every since I learned about the bad deliverability involved with Sendgrid. Postmark works flawlessly.


This is the first time I’ve heard of MailerSend considering the sheer popularity of Postmark. Why did you choose to use MailerSend over Postmark?

I fell on Mailersend through Mailerlite which is pretty popular in the no code space for marketing emails. It’s basically the Transactional arm of Mailerlite. I saw Postmark too, but MailerSend has a more generous free tier that also supports overages starting at $1.

I use Mailersend for most of my apps except one, because they have high bursts of email volume for only several days at a time and Mailersend has a daily API call limit of 1,000.