Native Google login for iOS

Hey fellow bubblers. Has anyone successfully built a workaround to allow google login in a wrapper (I’m using BDK). I’ve spent a few days trying to find this solution, as it would make a huge difference in our app. Thanks!

Google doesn’t allow this. Gaurav at bdk said there’s a work around for Android but not iOS. I would ask him directly.

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Spoke with Gaurav, he mentioned opening a URL in the webview, however there is no way to pass the login credentials back to the app. Anyone know if this could be achieved with deeplinking?

Any luck guys? I’m running into the same problem and not sure how complicated a fix this is.

No luck so far :*( - Ended up having to remove it completely.

@alex.p @PasqualeJS

I successfully integrated it, but I’m using a far-west method, so use at your own risk and make the workflow secure…

  1. From your app, trigger the login, which redirect you to a login page outside your app
  2. On this page, users can login with Google
  3. Once the user is connected, redirect him in your app and pass the Bubble login data (login and password)
  4. On your app, log the user in with these data

@vnihoul77 that could work. Though I’m not sure has support for deep linking yet. I’ll check.

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@vnihoul77 Thank you so much! Going to try it out.

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How do you trigger it to outside your app, since google login doesn’t allow that? Using a “goto” page link or something?

Yes you can use a goto and then a “when page is loaded” > Sign up with an external provider

And how do you send it back to the app?

Do you have any screenshots of workflows? Thank you!

Note that I’m using Codeless as a wrapper, should work the same with BDK.

First I send the user out the app, passing login credentials.

Then I log the user in in the browser, and start the external login (I’m using Discord)

If the user successfully logged in using Discord, I redirect him back to the app using a deep-link.
(If your app don’t support deep linking you can also send a push notification that redirects the user back to the app when clicked)

Hope it help

Thanks! We’ll try it out. We’re also using Codeless now.

Cool! Then it should work!

We’re having trouble passing the login credentials back into the app unfortuntely :frowning:

How do you get the discord login info back into your app?

You don’t have to pass any info back to the app because the Google informations will be linked to the “current user” that you previously logged in

A few questions:

  1. What is discord and where do you find information on it? All I can find is a team chat app.
  2. Are you suggesting that a user has to first create an account with a username and password before they can use their google account to login?
  3. If not, what username and password are you grabbing with discord? The user’s google username and password???

I have the same questions lol

I have the simple solution in my project:

  1. Extract infos about the browser of the user on open sign in workflow with a browser detect plugin
  2. Identify the extracted credentials as “wrapper” or installed IOS or Play Store Apps (as they have some unique credentials You can see then…)
  3. If Wrapper - then hide the Google Signin Button, If other browser ID: show (default)

So, on the Safari, Chrome or other webbrowsers all Ok with Google, if wrapped app: hide button Google Sign in. All you need is some plugin the identify your wrapperś unique name or ID, then go ahead in workflow. It is simple, stable, - Do not underestimate Google or Apple in trying to work around their policies! I like risk, but I do not like to be removed “over night” or banned forever by them…as You know: they really do not care about it, Apple even rejected Facebook Game App on policy breache last year…:wink: